25 March 2012

NATCH series from Black Dirt

Jason at Black Dirt Studios has recently launched a new collab series called NATCH, which (naturally) finds two bands or groups of musicians collaborating in his studio. The second of these meetings features Pigeons working with Dave Shuford and Margot Bianca of D. Charles Speer & The Helix. Here's a few words from Jason on this NATCH session --

Dave Shuford / Margot Bianca / Wednesday Knudsen / Clark Griffin

There is an aspect of music that creates an invisible map, plotting points along the vapors we make tangible as memory. Where the moments which we can recall intersect there are revelatory connections. More often than not, time spent exploring shared sonic remembrances is fleeting. The capture of a capture… the reinvention of a capture in a communal setting… and the creation of something totally new from nothing more than an unspoken understanding of a path shared are things to behold… The music in these recordings touches on all of these possibilities.

The four tracks from the session are streaming at SoundCloud now; a free download is here.

And there's also a teaser vid for the session...

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