06 March 2012

Brute Heart release 7" via M'Lady's

The excellent, unique & wonderful Brute Heart have released a brilliant new 7" single, available now (I think?) from the intercontinental label M' Lady's. Here's their words -
We're incredibly proud to be issuing this single. Brute Heart are from Minneapolis, and have already released two truly deep albums (their self-released debut "Brass Beads" and last year's "Lonely Hunter" on Soft Abuse). Jackie, Crystal, and Crystal know the power of echo and the power of tonality, and bring it round like the crazy world of Arthur Russell all over again! This single will get under your skin fast. We've cavalierly suggested in the past the possibility of a "DOUBLE A SIDE" single. This, my friends, is truly such a specimen.
Though not from the same sessions, both tunes seem cut from the same cloth that bequeathed Lonely Hunter. This one is a must-have. Check out the B side at SoundCloud.

Minnepolis people take note: the band play a release gig for the single this Saturday at Kitty Cat Klub, along with Painted Saints and les ourses.

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