23 December 2013

2013 in review: Michael Zulicki

-The Curse at Long Play cinema, and seeing them a few times this year, they're first show at Grosvenor St actually..
-Drunk Elk at the Gasometer

-A Band Called Life 7" and gigs at Empress/Northcote Social Club
-Satanic Rockers LP on Black Greasy Basement, the whole putting it together charade with everybody
-Crude gigs
-Heather Leigh at Volcanic Tongue, Conic Hill, Smoke Jag boys and the trip from Bristol to Glasgow and on to Amsterdam/Tilburg in general
-Seeing Sky Needle bend, and put out a great record
-The bibs at Cat Science Necromansion
-Bill Direen at Instants Chavirez
-Discovering and listening to Rentboy
-O'Tomorrow every tuesday night

-Mark Harwood dj's in London
-Briquebec Farmhouse, the greeting and the farewell
-Things being ok despite the madness of the world, and being involved in the madness
- Sweat Tongue at The Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield
-Photographs, Graham Lambkin/Jason Lescalleet, even though I've only heard the 1st CD once quietly and late at night in Ashfield.
-Listening to Garam Masala all night in Richmond
-Kitty Somerset
-Eli and Bev at house show.

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