20 December 2013

2013 in review: Andrew Robinson

no particular order -

-  friends everywhere, family, freedom and the great outdoors.

-  venom p stinger - waiting room 12" - thought this would languish as obscure small run cd only footnote forever: even tho its up there with their finest…damn fine indeed.

-  mad nanna - nectarine tree 7" - very nice - thanks to michael for giving me a copy when i ran into him at repressed recs

-  graham lambkin 7" - more relaxing music that doesn't bore from a modern day master 
have also had lambkin and lescalleet's 'breadwinner', neu! II and wire 'pink flag' on rotation in car cd stacker thingy for the last few mths - variation with no need to change.

-  https://soundcloud.com/soottyb/scary-nest-176 - speaks in volume for itself.

-  walking past a hindu temple in malaysia and heard (what sounded to me like) wild free jazz blasting from within...went in and was transfixed by these two for 40 odd mins...filmed the last minute and a half. 

-  being rick feedtimes pickup band for a night with no practice and no idea of what he or we was gonna do… 

-  thrash'o'matic - doing super fast down stoke only 'surfin' bird' and more. same night as above (no vid unfortunately). 

-  picking up el cheapo 'hawaiian holiday with...johnny pineapple and his orch' lp - luv that laid back slack key feel. 

-  hearing masters of forthcoming efc soft abuse lp. 

-  ever/never 

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