28 July 2013

It Hurts 7" debut is ready to be consumed

It Hurts celebrated the release of their debut 7" last weekend at Auckland's historic Auckland Domain Winter Garden, which is by all accounts a wonderful place. Tea and cake was served, and the above photo of the awesome trio was taken.

Those unable to attend can still celebrate with the purchase of their portable, lovely little single, which closely follows two limited cassette releases from the past 9 months or so. Fast forward to now, and the single is here... It's got it all: murky doo-wop, crude industrial rumbles, buzzing amplifiers, whooping voices (sometimes lonesome), clattering percussion. We're tickled to bequeath this beaut into the dark cruel world, and trust that all the right ears will somehow find it, cuz they need it. Includes two tunes, "33 Tears" and "Earth Sun Moon Us."

Have a listen to the b-side here:

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