24 April 2012

Pumice "PUNY" vinyl is here!

After several test pressings & months of eagerly / patiently waiting, Pumice's latest album - PUNY - is finally here on glorious black vinyl! PUNY marks the first Pumice record we've issued on vinyl right out of the gate (the reissue of Pebbles last year notwithstanding), and it's a beauty. Lots of folks have thus far weighed-in on this gem, but Forest Gospel really nailed it -

all-important 2012 album written and recorded by Pumice, aka Stefan Neville; characterized by signature Pumice-heavy sonority and album-length lean towards the pastoral.  Noted for (1) co-opting abrasive weakness for purposes of volcanic artistry and punitive strength, for (2) morose pumice-esque meanderings devolving into a paradoxically happy-gloominess, and for (3) attending to salvation-heavy methods of quasi-devotionalism with regard to "saving music" and "proving godlike artistry can still be accomplished"; magnum opus.

We're working to ship all of the pre-orders & special edition packages (these include the surprise flexi seen above) ASAP. 

Unfortunately, this is taking longer than expected...

Yours truly bumped his head a few nights ago & has landed a concussion (can you see the red spot?). Thankfully this isn't too severe, but nevertheless I'm moving slower than normal, can't drive, and am behind on some mailorder... Pardon my progress -- records are on the way!

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