31 January 2011

Blackout Beach live album now available!

Carey Mercer, the principle songwriter in Frog Eyes, has released a live document of the first (and as yet, only) live performance of Blackout Beach. The album is now available from his Bandcamp page for a mere $2.99. Here's what he has to say about the release --

This is a live record from August 2010 of the only Blackout Beach live performance, focusing on mostly tracks off of Skin of Evil, released by Soft Abuse records. I read some poems and stories. My mom did the door, and my dad was the bouncer. My friends came. It was a nice night. All tracks are 24-bit 48 whatever...

Accompanying Mercer as Blackout Beach are Melanie Campbell and Megan Boddy, both of whom contributed to Skin of Evil.

23 January 2011

Horrid Red "Pink Flowers" video

Edmond Xavier just completed his video for the song Pink Flowers, from the upcoming Pink Flowers EP. Check it out --

05 January 2011

Say hello to HORRID RED

First up on Soft Abuse in '11 is a single from Horrid Red, an offshoot of Teenage Panzerkorps (Der TPK), titled Pink Flowers. Der TPK deal in frenzied post-punk britzkriegs, but Horrid Red take a more delicate, less blown-out approach. Pink Flowers arrives on the heels on the acclaimed Empty Lungs 12" on Holidays Records (a recent pick of the week in German Vice!) & dials back the moody synth touches in favor of a (Euro) pop vision shared by Can ca. Future Days or The Fall ca. This Nat-ions Saving Grace.

Pink Flowers is now available for pre-orders, all of which will ship to arrive before the 15 February 'official' release date... The 7" version is limited to 300; the cassette version is limited to 50 (pro-printed, etc) & includes three additional tracks. Each version includes a gratis DL with all the bonus tracks, one of which was made in collaboration with Burial Hex.

Hear a few tracks from the single (& buy the DL direct from the band) at the BORUNDI CLOUD bandcamp page.