05 January 2011

Say hello to HORRID RED

First up on Soft Abuse in '11 is a single from Horrid Red, an offshoot of Teenage Panzerkorps (Der TPK), titled Pink Flowers. Der TPK deal in frenzied post-punk britzkriegs, but Horrid Red take a more delicate, less blown-out approach. Pink Flowers arrives on the heels on the acclaimed Empty Lungs 12" on Holidays Records (a recent pick of the week in German Vice!) & dials back the moody synth touches in favor of a (Euro) pop vision shared by Can ca. Future Days or The Fall ca. This Nat-ions Saving Grace.

Pink Flowers is now available for pre-orders, all of which will ship to arrive before the 15 February 'official' release date... The 7" version is limited to 300; the cassette version is limited to 50 (pro-printed, etc) & includes three additional tracks. Each version includes a gratis DL with all the bonus tracks, one of which was made in collaboration with Burial Hex.

Hear a few tracks from the single (& buy the DL direct from the band) at the BORUNDI CLOUD bandcamp page.

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