31 January 2011

Blackout Beach live album now available!

Carey Mercer, the principle songwriter in Frog Eyes, has released a live document of the first (and as yet, only) live performance of Blackout Beach. The album is now available from his Bandcamp page for a mere $2.99. Here's what he has to say about the release --

This is a live record from August 2010 of the only Blackout Beach live performance, focusing on mostly tracks off of Skin of Evil, released by Soft Abuse records. I read some poems and stories. My mom did the door, and my dad was the bouncer. My friends came. It was a nice night. All tracks are 24-bit 48 whatever...

Accompanying Mercer as Blackout Beach are Melanie Campbell and Megan Boddy, both of whom contributed to Skin of Evil.

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