22 June 2010

Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month: new album & video

We're pleased to announce that the sophomore album from Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month will be released August 3, 2010. The LP (with free DL) version is on Soft Abuse, while CD / DL fans will find theirs via the esteemed, venerable Shrimper label. The album is called "Your Wicked Man."

"Your Wicked Man" was created in collaboration with Nick Marcantino (bass), and Paercuts' Jason Quever as producer and multi-instrumentalist. In much the same way his presence molded early efforts from Cass McCombs, Quever's touch on YWM serve Quinn's narratives with arrangements that range from barely there to lush & ornate. There are some rockers, too. The band's particular take on art-pop & folk-rock song forms plays out like a re-imagining of the early efforts from Mekons, Nikki Sudden and John Cale as filtered through a distinctly Californian approach. Quinn's enigmatic deadpan & dense, fragmentary style reveal a reverance for Robert Forster, Malcolm Lowry, Pavement and Thomas Pynchon (in equal measure).

The first song released from "Your Wicked Man" is the hypnogogic, otherworldy 'Mom's House' (mp3 available here), which seems almost like a hallucination. Donovan himself put together a video for the song; we hope you agree that its brilliant....

08 June 2010

Pumice cassette editions of Pebbles & Quo now available!

We just received the cassette reissues of Pumice's two most-recent full-length releases (Pebbles from 2007 and Quo from 2008) in today's mail. We feel that this music is almost tailor-made for tapes, and are pleased to provide these re-releases for fans & all others as well.

Both casettes are available for pre-order now. We'll start shipping direct mailorders in a week or so...

Some praise for Pebbles --

"...sounds like our hero has eaten the bread of Gate & drank from the cup of Alastair Galbraith. Sometimes he even breaks out like he stole Bruce Russell's Fire Engines records! The new sherriff of Xpressway County don't shoot no blanks. Great stuff." - Tom Lax, Siltblog

Some praise for Quo --

"Fans of overdrive will find their fix in 'Fort' and 'Battersby,' which sound like a bag of early SST cassettes found melting in the desert." - Exclaim Magazine

In other Stefan Neville / Pumice news, Soft Abuse (in conjunction with Neville's own Stabbies imprint) is currently prepping for release the debut from Olympus, Neville's long-running collaboration with Kraus (a former member of Futurians, The Aesthetics, etc). Bold Mould is more than two one-man bands coming together; it presents of two old friends coming together, and in the spirit of collaboration, Olympus provides the forum for each artist to expand on his own world of sound. Olympus' debut, Bold Mould, is LP-only (w/ DL) & should be available by September.

07 June 2010

Sonny & the Sunsets "Death Cream" music video

Killer Sonny & the Sunsets video for Death Cream, created by Ben Montero & edited by Rosie Adams. We still (remarkably!) have copies of the band's Love & Death single, which features Death Cream b/w Strange Love. The song is also found on the band's debut LP, Tomorrow is Alright.

02 June 2010

The return of Car Commercials!

It's been nearly two years since Car Commercials released Eric's Diary, their lurching & creepy concept album dealing with tragedies in teenhood. That one arrived amidst a flurry of releases, including an LP for Cenotaph (Judy's Dust) and a cassette on Fuck It Tapes (Black 93). Since then.... silence. Daniel's been working on Home Blitz recordings / releases / etc, and David's been busy with Current Amnesia; he also created a new work for Issue Project Room's New Roaratoria series, which also included pieces from Grouper and Carlos Giffoni.

The point is: time has passed & Daniel DiMaggio and David Sutton have reconvened for more new Car Commercials music. Like their other stuff, Prisoner of Type touches on the darker / personal side of the KBD & Messthetics universe with spontaneous-seeming tunes & questionable production skills, but these new ones feature bits of more trad musicality than previous. These five songs fit snugly on a 7" & should whet the craving for music made by true weirdos. Pre-order now, ships in early August (if not before). 300 copies. Hand-printed sleeves. A nice one.