02 June 2010

The return of Car Commercials!

It's been nearly two years since Car Commercials released Eric's Diary, their lurching & creepy concept album dealing with tragedies in teenhood. That one arrived amidst a flurry of releases, including an LP for Cenotaph (Judy's Dust) and a cassette on Fuck It Tapes (Black 93). Since then.... silence. Daniel's been working on Home Blitz recordings / releases / etc, and David's been busy with Current Amnesia; he also created a new work for Issue Project Room's New Roaratoria series, which also included pieces from Grouper and Carlos Giffoni.

The point is: time has passed & Daniel DiMaggio and David Sutton have reconvened for more new Car Commercials music. Like their other stuff, Prisoner of Type touches on the darker / personal side of the KBD & Messthetics universe with spontaneous-seeming tunes & questionable production skills, but these new ones feature bits of more trad musicality than previous. These five songs fit snugly on a 7" & should whet the craving for music made by true weirdos. Pre-order now, ships in early August (if not before). 300 copies. Hand-printed sleeves. A nice one.

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