22 June 2010

Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month: new album & video

We're pleased to announce that the sophomore album from Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month will be released August 3, 2010. The LP (with free DL) version is on Soft Abuse, while CD / DL fans will find theirs via the esteemed, venerable Shrimper label. The album is called "Your Wicked Man."

"Your Wicked Man" was created in collaboration with Nick Marcantino (bass), and Paercuts' Jason Quever as producer and multi-instrumentalist. In much the same way his presence molded early efforts from Cass McCombs, Quever's touch on YWM serve Quinn's narratives with arrangements that range from barely there to lush & ornate. There are some rockers, too. The band's particular take on art-pop & folk-rock song forms plays out like a re-imagining of the early efforts from Mekons, Nikki Sudden and John Cale as filtered through a distinctly Californian approach. Quinn's enigmatic deadpan & dense, fragmentary style reveal a reverance for Robert Forster, Malcolm Lowry, Pavement and Thomas Pynchon (in equal measure).

The first song released from "Your Wicked Man" is the hypnogogic, otherworldy 'Mom's House' (mp3 available here), which seems almost like a hallucination. Donovan himself put together a video for the song; we hope you agree that its brilliant....

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