09 December 2013

2013 in review: Stefan Neville

heres me faves 2013.

-CJA "Stand Heavy" (pseudo arcana)
-Richard Youngs "Barbed Wire Explosion...." (Sonic Oyster)
-Victor Dimisich Band LP (Siltbreeze)
-Maddy Prior & June Tabor "Silly Sisters" (chrysalis)
-Music From The South Volume 1. Country Brass Bands. (Folkways)
-Lost Domain "An Unatural Act" (Negative Guest List)
-De La Soul "Buhloone Mind State" (Tommy Boy)
-SE Rogie "The Sounds of...Vol 1" (Missisippi)
-Call Back The Giants "The Marianne" (Kye)
-Gorgoroth "Destroyer" + "Under The Sign of Hell" (Back on Black)
-Fleetwood Mac "Then Play On" (Reprise)
-Ignatz "I Hate This City" (Conspiracy)
-Hula Blues. Steel guitar instrumentals from 30's & 40's. (Rounder)
-AJ Sharma "Sunshine" (Epic Sweep)
-Gfrenzy "from up north" (Heavy Space)
-Eazy E "Eazy Duz It" (Priority) 
-Leather Apron 10" (Long Lost Music)
-Venom "Black Metal" (Back on Black)

-It Hurts.
-Wedding Present.
-Neutral Milk Hotel.
-Leighton Craig.
-Cookie Brooklyn & The Crumbs.

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