12 December 2013

2013 in review: Nathan McLaughlin

Record & Tapes Released in 2013….
Nathan Salsburg - Hard For to Win and Can't Be Won
Small Sur - Labor
Josh Mason - The Symbiont
Hiss Golden Messenger - Haw
Brute Heart - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Harold Budd - Perhaps
Danny Paul Grody - Between Two Worlds
C. Yantis - American Surfaces
Gareth Flowers - A Beginner's Guide to Lucid Dreaming
Star Rover - Western Winds Bitter Christians

Older releases that were new to me this year….
Alex DeGrassi - Slow Circle
Fields Ward - Bury Me Not on the Prairie
Bobby McFerrin & Jack Nicholson - The Elephant's Child

Best Performances...
Pete Seeger - September 8th The Paramount Peekskill, NY
Jon Collin - March 19th The Spotty Dog Hudson, NY
Nathan Salsburg - November 3rd Schodack Landing, NY
Otto Hauser - July 19th CR10 Linlithgo, NY

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