16 December 2013

2013 in review: Leighton Craig

2013 highlights

a sprawling list of things that floated the boat:

  • playing 10 live shows and jamming in Primitive Motion  (including the slightly strange experience of playing to 1 000 GSYBE! fans.)
  • Cured Pink - Body Body Body 7" and live at the Coorparoo Bowls Club
  • Snapper ep reissue (I have spare copies if anyone in Brisbane wants one!)
  • Fish and chips in Manly, Sydney with Kobi
  • Playing solo show with Pumice in Dunedin, NZ. Pumice ruled.
  • Heatsick live in Brisbane
  • Port Chalmers Xpressway fan boy tour courtesy of Michael Morley
  • Skateboarding with Oska
  • Small World Experience live at The End, Brisbane
  • Tim Coster - A Moment's Ornament (free download! on Room 40)
  • Rainy Sunday afternoon watching Wim Wenders' Kings of the Road 
  • FWY! - Any Exit and HWY Trust cassettes
  • Belatedly discovering Gareth Williams and Marie Currie "Flaming Tunes"
  • Liverpool FC playing at Melbourne Cricket Ground. Never Walk Alone.
  • Summer holiday in Taupo Bay, Northland, NZ
  • Early morning winter walks with my dog Spencer (and Harold Budd in the ears)
  • Watching "The Story of the Weeping Camel". For anyone who needs a reminder of why music keeps the planet in orbit.
  • Rediscovering the wonder of Arthur Russell's "World of Echo"
  • Fishing in the Noosa River
  • Staying with Antony Milton and Sara Rogers in Wellington (and scoring last copy of Antony's amazing "Summit is Fragile" lathe.)
  • Blanket Canvassing blog - Glen Schenau's extraordinary evolving single-take photo journal of Aus underground
  • The Lost Domain - An Unnatural Act LP reissue - landmark of outsider Australian music that blew me away 20 years ago and still does. Plus killer Ragtime Frank jam in July. Someone release it!
  • Nibbling away at the Herzog documentary 10 disc box set. Woodcarver Steiner!

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