07 July 2012

Soft Abuse on Free Form Freakout podcast

Yours truly visited Free Form Freakout in Mankato, MN yesterday with a box of records, CDs and tapes, and behold: a podcast was born. Pictured above are some Pumice rarities that were played; full playlist is below. Many thanks, as always, go to Dave Perron of FFF. His radio show is a consistent source for new and interesting sounds, and is now created in conjunction with Foxy Digitalis.
Stream / DL the podcast here --

Here's the playlist --

Bill Fay "Tiny" From The Bottom Of An Old Grandfather Clock CD (Wooden Hill)
Xwave "Sweet Love" Cities On Flame LP (Little Big Chief)
Willie Lane "Wizards From Cans" Guitar Army Of One LP (Cord-Art)
Vincent Over The Sink "Book Dust" Dust Studies 7" (Kye)
Factrix "Over My Shoulder (and Out Of My Life)" Scheintot LP (Superior Viaduct)
Kraus "Pangs of Lorna" Journey Through the First Dimension of Kraus 7" (Palto Flats)
Tronics "Spending Time" Love Backed By Force LP (What's Your Rupture)
Jim McCarthy "In Search Of An Audience" Alien LP (ESP-Disk)
Surface Of The Earth "Shield" Interference LP (Fusetron)
Animals & Men "The Terraplane Fixation" b/w "Shell Shock" 7" (Strange Days)
The Go-Betweens "The Old Way Out" Spring Hill Fair LP (Sire)
Lower Dens "Alphabet Song" Nootropics LP (Ribbon Music)
Sleepers "Theory" b/w "Mirror" 7" (Adolescent)
Pumice "Dare" Yi Jun CS (Plop)
Pumice "Weird Crab Holy Soldier" Platter 4 7" lathe (Stabbies)
Pumice "I Am" 19-4-96 8" lathe (Stabbies)
Pumice "Tuber Clue Oh Sister" Platter One 7" lathe (Stabbies)
Nathan Bowles "Beans" A Bottle, A Buckeye (*forthcoming LP/CD on Soft Abuse)
Myrrh "Untitled #8" S/T (*forthcoming LP on Soft Abuse)
Mad Nanna "My Two Kids" (*forthcoming 7" on Soft Abuse)
Ulaan Markhor "Untitled" (*new demo material)
Mimi and Richard Farina "Hamish" Celebrations For A Grey Day LP (Vanguard)
Bill Orcutt excerpt from Why Does Everybody Love Free Music But Nobody Loves Free People CS (Palilalia)

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