15 September 2011

New Pigeons video "Tournoi" from upcoming album

This week Bronx duo Pigeons unleashed their first video from their upcoming album They Sweetheartstammers, due 8 November via Soft Abuse. Our pal Amy Ruhl directed / created the animated clip, about which Altered Zones' Jenn Pelly said --

Pigeons' recent releases for Soft Abuse, Curatorial Club, and Olde English Spelling Bee highlighted the Bronx duo's noir-ish breed of slow, psychedelic pop. But on "Tourni," from their forthcoming The Sweetheartstammers LP, guitarists Wednesday Knudsen and Clark Griffin carry their sonic vision to a new level of clarity, with higher-fidelity production values and help from two new members: bassist Jason Meagher and drummer Nathan Bowles. The result is a fuller-sounding Pigeons that still maintains their brooding beauty, but with pronounced hints of Hope Sandoval and brighter guitars that meander densely. In the video above, Brooklyn-based filmmaker/visual artist/recent Julian Lynch collaborator, Amy Ruhl layers chroma-keyed footage atop digitally animated archival photos. And like Pigeons, the result has an eery gracefulness that feels vintage and secret.

Be sure to check out "Tournoi" and "Dead Echo," also from They Sweetheartstammers, via Soundcloud below. The LP / ltd CS release features lettering by Keith Connolly of NNCK and artwork (inside & out) by Yugi Agematsu.

Pigeons "Dead Echo" by Soft Abuse

Pigeons "Tournoi" by Soft Abuse

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