25 April 2011

Say hello to Brute Heart!

Minneapolis trio Brute Heart have amassed a grip of fans in their brief existence, thanks in no part to the depth of their songs & strength of their live performances; they even landed a Daytrotter session last fall. They've toured a bit in the midwest and east, and are set to play their first west coast shows in June, on the heels of their upcoming album, Lonely Hunter. Lonely Hunter finds Crystal Myslajek, Jackie Beckey & Crystal Brinkman pushing further into the blurry fringes of art-rock, post-punk and dark folk, treading the same turf as the likes of Dog Faced Hermans, Grass Widow, Quix*O*Tic, The Raincoats and Family Fodder. They've moved far ahead of their stellar debut, Brass Beads, incorporating more of a hypnotic, Eastern influence than before & deepening their cathedral harmonies and trancey / dancey rhythms.

Lonely Hunter is now available for pre-order; the official release date is June 7. For those in the Minneapolis area, join us for a release party at Turf Club on May 14, with Jerusalem & the Starbaskets, Lighted, Tender Meat, and Patches (Isa Gagarin). Pre-orders will ship to arrive before the release date...

Brute Heart are headed into the studios of The Current, Radio K and KFAI here in Minneapolis in the coming weeks -- we'll share more info about those appearances as its available. In the meantime, preview the song Blindfolded from Lonely Hunter here.

Tour dates & more information to come!



oooo i can't wait for my pre-ordered copy to arrrriiiiiveeeeeee ! ! !!!! ! ! !

themomentofchange said...

oooo i can't wait for my pre-ordered copy to arrrriiiiiveeeeeee ! ! !!!! ! ! !