27 December 2007

S.A. Friends 2007 Top Tens

Nick Forté (Felipe + Forté)

1) Portal "Outre"

2) Growing "Vision Swim"
3) Aaron Dilloway "Concealed"
4) Cloaks "A Crystal Skull in Peru"
5) Robedoor "Free Buried"
6) Spirit of The Positive Wind S/T
7) Flaskavsae "Philosophies"
8) Jabladav "Black As Pitch"
9) Hala Strana "Heave the Gambrel Roof"
10) Leslie Keffer "Feels Like Frenching"
11) Eric Copeland "Hermaphrodite"
12) Ju Suk Reet Meate "Solo 78/79"
13) Byla + Jarboe "Viscera"

Glenn Donaldson (Giant Skyflower Band, et al.)

Adam & the Ants Prince Charming

Fun Boy Three s/t
Fun Boy Three Waiting
Human League Travelogue
The Smiths s/t
Morrissey Bona Drag
Felt Poem of the River
39 Clocks Pain It Dark
English Beat Special Beat Service
English Beat I Just Can't Stop It

Andrew Churchman (Pants Yell!)

Top Ten mid-'90s indie rock re-buys from used bins in 2007:

Legendary Jim Ruiz Group - Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?
Richard Davies - Never Been a Crowd Like This (c'mon, $1?)
Silkworm - Developer
the Inbreds - Kombinator (way better than Sloan)
the Lapse - Betrayal
Hefner - Boxing Hefner (needs no explaination)
What's Up Matador? (I had the VHS companion in middle school)
Shelby Bryant - Cloud Wow Music (my 3rd time buying this album. essential)
Helium - No Guitars EP
No Alternative comp. (don't hate, that buffalo tom song is actually pretty good)

Stefan Neville (Pumice)

2007. (in no particular order)
-Devoid Of All Mercy "your children left with the stranger" CD
-CJA & Smokehouse "whiskey and freedom" cassette.
-Buffy St. Marie "Illuminations" LP
-The Troggs "mixed bag/cellaphane" CD.
-Kraus "the Facts" cassette.
-generic no name budget Doo Wop compilation CD.
-The Deadnotes self titled CDR

-Bob Dylan "Desire" LP
-Evil "a true untimely atrocity" 10"
-Napalm Death "smear campaign" CD.

Loren Chasse (Ov, The Child Readers, et al.)

panda bear 'person pitch'
tenniscoats 'tan tan therapy'
richard youngs 'autumn response'
pumice 'pebbles'
the shitty listener 'fruitless accomplishment'
forever amber 'the love cycle' reissue (especially hudson and lane's newer versions of the songs)
robert fripp 'at the end of time'
jose gonzalez 'in our nature'
daniel higgs 'atomic yggdrasil tarot'
steve roden 'drawing room with bells'
old million eye 'heights unseen'
opal 'live early recordings'
the story 'arcane rising'
tinariwen 'aman iman'

and this is the music that kept 2007 timeless for me:

margaret barry
genesis (gabriel singing)
the hidden cameras
mourning phase
graham nash
emmanuelle parrenin
rem 'murmur'
dilip roy
shiv kumar sharma
som imaginario
robert wyatt
andrew chalk

Jason Honea (The Child Readers, et al.)

1.) Teenage Panzerkorps. - Harmful Emotions LP ( siltbreeze)
2.) Rik L Rik - The Lost Album
3.) Homage to Sherwood Anderson : Letters of Sherwood Anderson
4.) Radio Dept. - Pet Grief
5.) AKA - Liza Jane
6.) East Side Story Comps. ( all !)
7.) Punk is Dead, Punk is Everything by B.R. Trucotte
8.) Of - The Sun and The Earth Together CD
9.) Pink Skulls Meta - Fanzine # 3 -Rik L Rik, Dusty Coffins(rip)Scottish Sounds
10.) The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Chris Berry (Soft Abuse)

new & old/new

THE ABYSSINIANS Satta Massagana (Heartbeat)

ED ASKEW Little Eyes (DeStijl)
BLUES CONTROL Puff (Woodsist)
BILL CALLAHAN Woke on a Whaleheart (Drag City)
CATS ON FIRE The Province Complains (Marsh Marigold)
THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS The Cherry Blossoms (Black Velvet Fuckere)
FROG EYES Tears of the Valedictorian (Absolutely Kosher)
GLASS ORGAN Our (Students of Decay)
GROUPER Cover the Windows and the Walls (Root Strata)
HALA STRANA Heave the Gambrel Roof (Music Fellowship)

KEITH HUDSON Brand (Pressure Sounds)
JEREMY JAY Moonwalker (K)
LAZARUS Hawk Medicine (Temporary Residence)
MANISHEVITZ East to East (Catbird)
CASS MCCOMBS Dropping the Writ (Domino)
PAPERCUTS Can't Go Back (Gnomonsong)
PINK REASON Cleaning the Mirror (Siltbreeze)
PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT Magic Flowers Droned (Siltbreeze)

LEE ROCKEY Lee Rockey Music (DeStijl)
SAPAT Mortoise and Tenon (Siltbreeze)
SIC ALPS Description of the Harbor (Awesome Vistas)
TINARIWEN Aman Iman (World Village)
TENNISCOATS Tan Tan Therapy (Hapna)

BOBB TRIMBLE Harvest of Dreams (Secretly Canadian)
CHRISSY ZEBBY TEMBO & NGOZI FAMILY My Ancestors (Chris Editions)
ZELIENOPLE His/Hers (Type)

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