13 August 2013

Make way for Mad Nanna (US/EU edition)

Ladies and germs, Mad Nanna are currently in the USA! The tour starts Thursday in Portland, but Mad Nanna is already here, ready to pounce. Euro folk must wait a few weeks, when MN join Sky Needle for a strings of gigs, but for now they're ours. Really chuffed to have them here at long last.

Some loose ends are being dealt with, but the gist of the tour is thus:

08/16 - Portland, OR - Little Axe Records (with Das Butcher)
08/17 - Davis, CA - Flea Space (with with Lazy, Darlingchemicalia, Satan Wriders)
08/18 - Los Angeles, CA - Synchronicity (with Queen Victoria, Filthy Huns)
08/20 - Jersey City, NJ - WFMU (live session on Brian Turner's show, 3 PM)
08/22 - Brooklyn, NY - Steve's Loft [252 Norman Ave, Greenpoint] (with Blues Control)
08/23 - Baltimore, MD - Club K (with Rosemary Krust, Mold Omen, Comfort Link)
08/24 - Philadelphia, PA - TBD (with Birds of Maya)
08/25 - Richmond, VA - TBD
08/26 - Columbus, OH - Cat Science Necromansion (with Pink Reason, The Bibs, Quiet Pepsi)
08/27 - Detroit, MI - M.U.G. (with Stare Case, The Bibs, DJ Kevin Boyer)
08/28 - Chicago, IL - Permanent Records (with The Bibs)
08/28 - Chicago, IL - The Burlington (with The Bibs, Matthew De Gennaro)
08/29 - Minneapolis, MN - Hexagon (with Myrrh, Rollerblade, & a film by Trevor Adams)
08/30 - Mankato, MN - What's Up Lounge
09/01 - Cleveland, OH - Now That's Class (with Scarcity Of Tanks, The Bibs)

09/03 - Allston, MA - Great Scott (with Richard Youngs, Damon & Naomi)
09/04 - Northampton, MA - King Street Manor (with Savage Young Taterbug, Tracey Trance)
09/05 - Hudson, NY - The Spotty Dog (with Pigeons)
09/11 - London, UK - Cafe Oto (with Sky Needle, The Pheromoans)
09/13 - Brighton, UK - Cowley Club (with Sky Needle, Sweat Tongue, Dylan Nyoukis, Pheromoans, Men Oh Pause)
09/14 - Manchester, UK - TBA
09/15 - Bristol, UK - Shh Festival (with Sky Needle and Yuko Kono)
09/19 - Amsterdam, NL - Icol (with Sky Needle, Sweat Tongue)
09/20 - Rotterdam, NL - Worm (Sky Needle, The Rebel)
09/21 - Hasselt, BE - KC Belgie (Sky Needle, Maan, Unwar, Joel Stern, Sweat Tongue, Films and Screenings)
09/26 - Paris, FR - TBA (with Sky Needle)
09/29 - Berlin, DE - TBA (with Sky Needle)

In celebration of the gigs, the boys will have a brand new single in tow from us (Soft Abuse) that features two new tunes worth chewing. The A side ("I Wanna See You") is a chugging anthem of desperation, and on the flip ("The Nectarine Tree") things get spacious and meditative in a real basement way. Great single. Pick it up from the band & soon from us (buy two), and be sure to go and see them...shower them with your coin and hospitality. 

A teaser for the single:

This post will probably not get updated beyond this point, so keep eyes peeled to the Soft Abuse events page or even twitter (good lord god) for the latest twists and turns.