24 December 2012

2012 favorites at Soft Abuse HQ

Another year come & gone in a flash, and another list to sift thru... It's been a long, strange year for yours truly, and just like every other, it's been filled with heaps of great music. Here's a list of my favorites, in no particular order. Pictured below is Soft Abuse intern Cookie, seen assisting in Myrrh LP assembly...


Josephine Foster - Blood Rushing (Fire)
Mad Nanna - I Made Blood Better (Negative Guest List)
Robust Worlds - Emotional Planet (De Stijl)
Marielle V. Jakobsons - Glass Canyon (Students of Decay)
Crazy Spirit - Crazy Spirit (Toxic State)
Tronics - Love Backed By Force (re, WYR)
The Clean - Oddities (re, 540)
Richard Youngs - Amaranthine (Mie)
Richard Youngs - Core to the Brave (Root Strata)
The Fresh & Onlys - Long Slow Dance (Mexican Summer)
V/A - Time to Go (Flying Nun)
David Kilgour - Here Come the Cars (re, De Stijl)
Helm - Impossible Symmetry (PAN)
Donovan Quinn - Honky Tonk Medusa (Northern-Spy)
Kirschstein - Kirschstein (Brave Mysteries)
Modra - The Line for the Men's Room (Savage Quality)
The UV Race - Racism (In the Red)
Willie Lane - Recliner Ragas (re, Humito)
Willie Lane - Guitar Army of One (Cord-Art)
Sky Needle - Rave Cave (Negative Guest List)
Horrid Red - Nightly Wreaths (Terrible)
Sic Alps - Sic Alps (Drag City)
Myrrh - Hymns (Lighten Up Sounds)
David Novick - David Novick (Sun Sneeze)
Fabulous Diamonds - Commercial Music (Chapter)
Lower Dens - Nootropics (Ribbon)
Tim Coster - Ocean Liner (Albert's Basement)
Maxine Funke - Felt (Epic Sweep)
Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan - Vaniy Fair (Recital)
Carol Kleyn - Takin the Time (re, Drag City)
Gunn-Truscinski Duo - Ocean Parkway (3 Lobed)
John Marks - Untitled (Art of This)
Michael Hurley - Back Home With the Drifting Woods (Mississippi/Nero's Neptune)
Mole House - Mole House (Night-People)
Factrix - Schientot (re, Superior Viaduct)
Gareth Williams & Mary Currie - Flaming Tunes (re, Blackest Ever Black)
The Compass Rose - The Simulation District (Ekhein)
Xwave - Cities on Flame (Little Big Chief)
Ali Farka Toure - Ni Foli (Social Music)
Zomes - Variations Vol. 1 (Imminent Frequencies)
Aloonaluna - Bunny (Hooker Vision)

Singles / EPs 

The Bowles - The Bowles (Kye)
Southern Comfort - Silver and Gold (Black Petal)
Mad Nanna - I Hit a Wall (Quemada)
Mole House - Hey Come My Way (Quemada)
Tronics - Shark Fucks (re, WYR)
Brute Heart - Fever (M'Lady's)
Woods - Cali in a Cup (Woodsist)
Twerps - Work it Out (underwater Peoples/Chapter)
Sharon Gal - Melancholic (American Tapes)
CUFFS - Private View (Ride the Snake)
Black Tambourine - One Two Three Four (Slumberland)
Bilders - Moderation (re, Unwucht)
Ulaan Khol - Los Angeles EP (Worstward)
Dadamah - Violet Stains Red (Yellow Electric)
Eric Copeland - Car Alarm (PPM)
Brain Tumors - Fuck You Forever (Deranged)
Sic Alps - Battery Townsley (Drag City)
Ruined Fortune - Bulls Eye (RIP Society)

& finally, a recap of Soft Abuse releases from 2012, listed chronologically

Pumice - PUNY
Ulaan Markhor - Ulaan Markhor
Myrrh - Myrrh 
Mad Nanna - My Two Kids
Nathan Bowles - A Bottle, A Buckeye
Tilth - Angular Music
Threads - Tall Building