10 May 2012

Please welcome... Suspensers

We're stoked to share the news that NYC's Suspensers is the latest addition to our little Soft Abuse family. Their debut is a stoned / zoned / dethroned slice of Americana; one that confounds & delights with each subsequent spin. I think you'll agree.

Existing in the invisible fringe of New York, Suspensers have been mesmerizing basement showgoers with their reveries for the past few years. "Too Dumb to Live, Too Stoned to Die" is a reissue of their previously self-released debut (edition of 25 or something?) from 2011. Borne from the mind and lips of Ted Robinson (D Charles Speer & the Helix, Dig Shovel Dig, many more), supplier of the finest acid-country tunes heard in an age, Suspensers formed in the wake of a relocation from Asheville. Built on layers & layers of field recordings, incidental strangeness & studio recordings, Suspensers' music straddles several cohesive notions without committing to any regular form. Robinson's membership in D. Charles Speer in the Helix hints at what's happening here, though Suspeners summon a far wilder vision of hillbilly songdom.

Behold, a few samples:

Suspensers "Strings & Wood" by Soft Abuse
Suspensers "Time is All" by Soft Abuse

...here they are in a nightclub setting:

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