29 March 2011

Primitive Motion video for "Certain Materials"

Direct from Brisbane: Primitive Motion have shared a video for the lead-off / title tune from their newly released Certain Materials EP. Its a good one...

16 March 2011

Primitive Motion debut 7" released 22 March

Australian duo Primitive Motion are set to release their debut 7", Certain Materials, via Soft Abuse on 22 March. Their spontaneous pop emissions puff in a manner similar to those by The Door and Window and Fluxus artist Joe Jones from years past. With preset keyboard, cosmic flute lines, percussion & lyrics cut from old astronomy texts, Primitive Motion churn a peculiar charmed pop brew. Leighton Craig and Sandra Selig are Primitive Motion. Look for more from them in the months ahead...

Certain Materials, released 22 March in an edition of 300 with hand-printed sleeves and complimentary downloads.
$7.50 ppd USA
$9.00 ppd Canada / Mexico
$11.00 ppd elsewhere

14 March 2011

Horrid Red "Foehn Winds" video

Edmund Xavier created another video missive for Horrid Red's new Pink Flowers EP, this one for the much-blogged final song (my personal favorite), Foehn Winds. Check it out --

12 March 2011

Live Deadnotes footage, in support of The Clean

The Clean recently made their first trip to Australia in twenty-something years. Their gig in Brisbane was particularly excellent, with support from Blank Realm and our very own The Deadnotes (with The Legend!). A few live clips have surfaced via the Eternal Soundcheck blog; check them out --