30 October 2010

Olympus album release party!

Kraus and Neville recently hosted a soiree to celebrate the release of "Bold Mould," their debut album as the duo Olympus. The party featured a mountain-themed cake, and a bevvy of other snack options.

The two also recently shared a track-by-track commentary with the NZ webzine Under the Radar. The site is also streaming the full album for he next week. Read / hear it here.

25 October 2010

Debut from Olympus now available!

Olympus brings together two dodgy geniuses from New Zealand's sub-underground under one banner - Stefan "Pumice" Neville & Kraus. Like their namesake Mt., Olympus assail their listeners with a rock-solid (sorry), yet varied selection of tunes that include basement kraut grooves, blasted tape manipulation, fuzzed-out homemade electronics, explosive drumming, minimal synth dervishes and melancholy pop instrumentals. Neville and Kraus met a few years back, and after drinking & playing pool together, the idea for Olympus was hatched. After a few years of sending bits & ideas back & forth through the mail, the duo are proud to share "Bold Mould," their debut, with the world.

"Bold Mould" is a Stabbies, etc / Soft Abuse co-release, pressed in an edition of 500 with a gratis DL coupon. The duo have a lathe 7" single coming soon via Epic Sweep.